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Jan. 12, 2021

Thank you for your continued support Ann Israel! Your are a trmemdous writer, teacher and human being. Your book is an essential reference for Gehazi Collections and Me! (Pun intended.)


This is to let you know that I received the bracelet and earrrings today and want to say thank you very much.  Beautiful job!!  They are  better than what I expected.  My husband and mother also liked them and admired your work!"
S. Fester
Arlington, VA

"It is the most beautiful bracelet I have ever seen !!! Really... A real work of art! And it fits me perfectly!"
C. Sixto

"Oh my stars the bracelet is absolutely gorgeous.   The design, the work, the crystals, the gold - everything works together to make this just beautiful.  I feel honored to be able to wear it."
J. Kraai

"I'm a jeans and T-shirt person, but the beauty of Gehazi jewelry has inspired me to dress up my act!  Now I look for excuses to attend formal events just so I can showcase Sandy's works of art.   Gehazi creations have no place languishing in the jewelry box.  They deserve to be worn out in public to do what they were designed to do --  enhance our beauty and make others smile."
 L. Jones
 Dallas, Texas

 Sandra, I received my bracelet today and just love it.  I can't wait to show it to my mah jongg pals.  I'll be sure to tell them where it came from.  Thanks again."
A. Moire

"I love the unique designs of this jewelry. My personal design allows me the freedom of having a true sense of myself and style. I would recommend the Gehazi Collection for women who strive for individuality and strong sense of personal style."
D. Ashe
Denver, CO

"Gehazi, for me, is more than acceesory. It's my jewelry essential and has become what I build my wardrobe around. When wearing my Gehazi, I am complimented often on its beauty and craftsmanship. I love Gehazi!"
J. Lucas
Panama City, FL

 My top-drilled mah Jongg beads arrived this morning and I just had to tell you how much I like them.  I know you indicated on the Website your hesitancy about them -- having the design on only one side-- but I agree totally with you that the clarity is worth that trade-off.  They really do look fabulous, clear and sharp.

I really appreciate the care you take to provide your customers with good quality and how you stand behind your pieces.  It's delightful to work with someone so customer-oriented.

Thanks again,

- J Hammer



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