Mahjong Mask Holder (Black)

 For these changing times, try this Gehazi Mahjong Mask Holder. An elegant and cool way to protect yourself in this COVID pandemic and keep add a touch of style.

This holder is about 24" and is elegantly adorned with beautiful AB coated Swarovski crystals, pewter and bone beads with carved mahjong symbols. The holder is very lightweight and offers a stylish way to keep up with your mask when it is not in use.
Also, because it is lightweight, it does not add extra bulk, Instead it puts its decorative base right in front.
Just use the lobster claw ends to clip over the mask elastic. put the assemble over your head with the mask hanging in front and the middle of the mask holder around the back of your neck. Now, go on, and show the gals that you are the first one at the mahjong game with something new and clever.
Great for mahjong tournament gifts, holiday gift-giving, mahjong fundraisers and special occasions. Check for our various colors.
List Price: $24.99
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